Page 3 stories

The Sun newspaper has been showing pictures of topless women on page 3 since 1970. Page 3 is defended as an innocuous British institution, just a bit of harmless fun.

This website was created by a supporter of the No More Page 3 campaign to show that the reality is different. Page 3 directly, demonstrably, causes harm to women and girls. It get used as the material and justification for harassment, and its existence in public spaces creates a power imbalance between the sexes which serves no one well.

If you would like to add something that happened to you, click on “My story” to submit it. It could include minor or serious harassment, bullying, or any situation involving or referencing page 3 that made you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. You can include your name or keep it completely anonymous, it’s up to you. Together, these stories will show that page 3 causes real harm and that choosing not to buy the Sun doesn’t solve the problem.

If reading these stories makes you want to take action, please sign the petition and go to the No More Page 3 campaign site or visit some of the other sites listed on the links page to find out what else you can do.