In the 1980s I worked in a government office in an open plan large room. I was in a team of about eight people, a mixture of males and females. My team was led by a man. This man was blatantly sexist and was always moaning about “bloody women” etc. He thought it would be a good idea to put up a Page 3 calendar by his desk – on the wall – clearly showing to the entire office. If we complained, he said it was his “right” to have what he liked by his desk. I found it offensive and intimidating. It felt like he was trying to put us women in our place – by showing us as naked and available. At the turning of the page at the start of the month he would comment loudly and openly on the woman’s breasts and often say that us ladies could aspire to that. He also put up a calendar in the store room downstairs. I never had the courage then to remove the calendar in the office (I would now) but I was only 19/20 then, but every time I went to the store room I would take the calendar down and hide it.