This isn’t a story of direct deliberate harrassment, but of Page 3′s insidious effect on girls who see it. I was around 12 when I first saw it in my own home, and I can still feel the shock, humiliation and confusion I felt then when I think of it now. I remember every detail of the Page 3 model, what she looked like, her pose, it’s burned on my memory. I remember thinking ‘my dad is looking at this’ ‘does he look at me in that way?’ ‘is this my main value to him?’ ‘why doesn’t my mum say anything?’ I felt anihilated as a human being – because it was in a newspaper I suddenly got it, that that’s how society sees women, it’s normal, and that’s a woman’s value. It was like everything my parents had ever said about my value, and the value of education was exposed as a lie. It was like a huge ‘fuck you’ from society. I felt degraded, dirty and shamed. I had already seen porn at primary school, I wasn’t ‘protected’, but that had no effect on me, I think because we all knew it was hidden and ‘shameful’, it wasn’t out there in public. Page 3 told me ‘everyone sees women like that, including your dad’ so it was the sudden realisation that that’s what I had to become if I wanted to be a real woman and attract a man. I felt sick, humiliated and depressed. And that’s how I went through puberty.