Last month (i.e. mid 2013) I was shopping my local Marks & Spencer food hall, and I noticed an old man standing absolutely still in the middle of an aisle, staring fixedly at a big photograph of a topless woman.  My first instinct was shock at how brazen he was being, looking at porn in the middle of a family supermarket, and thought he must be deranged and therefore a possible danger to the public.  I looked around for a security guard to raise the alarm.  I then realised that the old man was looking at page 3 of the Sun, next to the newspaper stand where the Sun was on sale.  He was looking at a product that Marks & Spencer had chosen to put on sale alongside everything else in the food hall.  So I didn’t bother complaining – I didn’t think that the store would have done anything about it.  If I saw it again I think I’ll complain, but it takes more courage, spontaneity and energy than I normally have on a Saturday morning supermarket run so I’ll have to work my way up to it.  And until then I’ll just carry on feeling slightly nervous and ashamed every time I go past the newspaper stand in Marks & Spencer.

Mary Ann, Kent