In the nightclub that I work in on Saturdays the walls are papered with hundreds, maybe thousands of page 3 girls, ripped out of the sun and glued to the walls. It makes me feel uncomfortable and awkward, I also feel uneasy, like I am myself being exposed and exploited. I feel like some of the men in the bar associate me with the pictures because I work there and are more inclined to harass me. I don’t think I am imagining it, I have worked in four different nightclubs over the years and I get a lot more harassment from customers in this particular one and I am convinced it is because of the atmosphere caused by the wallpaper. Men are constantly making comments, asking me to take off my top, a few times men and leaned over the bar and tried to pull my top down, I am grabbed constantly and pushed against the walls in an intimidating manner, men chant in big groups for me and the other girls to get naked, continuously say crude things to us and get very aggressive when we object and call us four letter words. In the other nightclubs you get your fair share of this type of thing from tipsy men, but it is definitely a lot worse here and all my female colleagues (most of which have left now because of the constant harassment) agree, the manager/owner has also been accused of sexually harassing female members of staff although I’ve not experienced this myself. It seems that his choice of wallpaper reflects his general view of women and their place. One of my male colleagues is very good and always jumps in when I start to get any trouble but I worry that one day he won’t be there, or I’ll be walking home alone and someone will follow me, and I’ll be treated like a naked piece of meat, they’ll see me as fair game out of association with the pictures I work around all day.