Page 3 has been the bane of my life. When I was 8 my mum began taking me to her friends house. While they were chatting I was told to go play the computer with her friends then 14year old son in his room. Her son would push numerous images of page 3 girls in my face ,which he keep under his bed, and I vividly remember him saying “look at her tits”, “I bet you wish you had tits like her maybe then boys will like you”. I was so uncomfortable I wanted to run away but when I went into the living room where my mum was she would tell me to go play the computer with her friends son. I was so embarrassed and confused about what was happening I couldn’t tell her and would always go back to the room – “to play the computer”.
When my breasts grew he began grabbing and touching them and pulling up my vest and top so he could look at them, despite my protests he continued to do this and said he would beat and rape me if I told anyone. He never went any further than that but I was so humiliated and frightened.
My high school years were also plagued by images of topless women in their pants, boys would deliberately scatter them around the school grounds and outside the gates, and because my breasts grew to be on the larger side I was continually being stared and pointed at, particularly when the images were all over the ground. I began wearing loose shirts and jumpers to school in an attempt to take attention away from my breasts – which worked in a way as from then on I got bullied more for being “fat” than having bigger breasts. However i still feel sick at the sight of a sun newspaper.
I began university recently and the sun newspaper is very rarely seen or spoke of on campus which is fab. I even stopped taking public transport and got my own car so I do not have to see people reading the sun and ogling the young girls on page 3. However i almost crashed into the car in front of me when a van driving on the other side of the road had old page 3 cut out of Jordan taped to their windscreen for all drivers to see. I had to pull over for a minute to compose myself and stop myself from crying.
I truly hope that page 3 comes to and end very soon so no other young girls or boys are effected by its negative influence.