I was a bit of an early developer, and it was bad enough having my painful heavy developing breasts ‘accidentally’ nudged by teenage boys in the lunch queue, or ogled openly in P.E.; but what really did it for me was a comment made when I was going to a Football match on a supporters coach with a friend and her Grandfather. As it was a warm day I wasn’t dressed in my usual grungy teenage attire of jeans and a loose jumper, but rather a jeans and a team shirt. My friends grandfather said to me as I stepped on the coach, ‘look at the boobs on you’ ‘they’re good enough for page 3′. I was 14.

It was bad enough that there was an audience of mainly young men laughing, but that my supposed guardian on the trip behaved in this way, was truly shocking and hurtful. Also a horrible realisation that may now be viewed in this way, I was not me, not a person with thoughts and feelings, merely an object for titilation and sexual gratification.

That was the last football trip I ever took with my now ex friend.

As an adult I am proud to put my name to this cause.