when i first started as a truck driver i was the only female who had ever worked at this particular yard and page 3 was used in many ways to sexually intimidate me into leaving cos i felt the men didnt want me in their space. one morning i had to spend time scraping page 3 women off my wing mirrors, they had been glued to them. On another occasion i was told that i looked like the woman on page 3 but could i get my tits out to see if they were a match. On another occasion i was chased around the yard to much laughter by a guy wanting me to look at the page 3 image cos i had the same smile as her and he said he had got aroused thinking of me when he had seen it. the list goes on, even to this day,13 years on, i have to endure men purposefully leaving the sun open on page3 when im around just to get a reaction out of me. Unfortunately it works and ive had to take on many misogynists who think its funny to try and intimidate me and flaunt their privilege of not knowing what sexual intimidation, harassment, assault and fear of rape feels like. Page3 provides them with a starting block to indulge in this cos it gives them the opportunity to broach the subject of sex and the image gives the impression that if you dont like it then there is something wrong with you cos ‘she does’