I am a 25 year old woman who suffers from body dysmorphic disorder. After speaking to my psychiatrist we realised that page 3 had a huge affect on my mental health & helping trigger my bdd. When I was a teenager I had small breasts as I was very slim, I was never bothered about my size until I got a boyfriend. His dad bought the sun everyday & so did he as a result. He would come into college & put page three on the desk in front of everyone in the class (he was the only male) he used to make comments about her breasts & the size of them which after listening to this everyday it started to have an effect on me. I noticed I was starting to become self conscience & comparing myself. I would obsess over the way they looked & how I wasn’t good enough, I would sit & cry for hours, cut myself, argue with my boyfriend, research surgery. After a year of this I was at an all time low. I quit college because I felt too self conscience to go & me & my boyfriend broke up. As another year past I was wearing make up everyday & even slept in it, I dyed my hair, wore false eyelashes & did everything I could to change myself & try & make myself ‘good enough’. I ended up in a relationship with a friend of mine who yet again loved rubbing page 3 in my face, this obviously continued to make my bdd worse & after a year of listening to me constantly talking about my boobs & boob jobs he finally said he would pay for an operation. At 18 I went under the knife! Even with my new found confidence page 3 was still very much apart of our relationship so it eventually ended. My last relationship was with someone I was in love with at school until he cheated on me. We rekindled our relationship at 21, I was still madly in love with him & I really thought everything would be perfect until page 3 reared it’s ugly head. I went to see him in his room as he lived in a hostel & the walls were covered too to bottom in page 3 girls that he & his mates had cut out of the sun. I sat on his bed feeling as small as an ant. I actually felt sick to my stomach. He would also bring the paper to mine & even once said to his friend “cor I wouldn’t mind joining the army if girls like that send you photos”. He & his friend used to also sit in his room & play snog, shag or marry with the pictures on his wall. These girls in their eyes were their property to decide what they wanted to do to them, although it would never happen this was their mentality & this is what them women allow to happen to all of us by doing this. Regardless of all this we stayed together but my mental health & self worth deteriorated. We are now not together. I have attempted to take my life on several occasions when it all gets too much. I now see a psychiatrist every week, my bdd I have to live with every single day & cope with its large number of burdens & I can only see the media & it’s effects on women lives getting worse as the sexualisation of women is EVERYWHERE! The final blow came a year ago when I discovered the breast implants I had when I was 18 are the toxic pip implants, I have to pay £1500 to have them removed & replaced even though they could kill me. I am now a single parent of 3 & their is no way I can afford this so I am constantly anxious & depressed. I have page 3 & the constant sexualisation of women to thank for this!