Long story short – I have deep body image issues. I have been to see a doctor but she dismissed it as ‘hormonal’. However, she did say that my experience at school is partly responsible for my insecurities. And I agree with her.

Most of the boys who had a picture phone had page 3 girls as their background in secondary school… and this made me feel very inadequate and abnormal, and to this day (I’m now 22) I have a complex with my breasts.

As I became older and older I started to question my situation as a young woman in a largely pornographic, patriarchal society. I’m a feminist and I want equality and I’m sick and tired of The Sun and their ignorant supporters trying to justify sexism. How on earth is boobs news? If Sun readers want boobs so much, why don’t they just Google ‘boobs’? What place do boobs have in a national NEWSpaper?

Unfortunately, over the years I’ve developed a horrible unnecessary sickness called breast envy because of our large-breasts-obsessed-society. I am by no means ‘flat-chested’ but as my friends, male and female, seem to refer to any pair under 32EE in a very negative manner e.g. ‘boring’, ‘too small’, ‘no boobs’, ‘fried eggs’, it has made me feel very paranoid about myself.

I remember my first ‘boyfriend’ when I was 13 (not a PROPER one, just a boy you’re friends with and hold hands with during break time), he had a photo of Jordan/Katie Price in all her glory as his background which really hurt me. And when I had a look at his picture folder, they were mostly page 3 girls. Back then, I didn’t question this as I had seen The Sun newspaper and thought – ‘that’s what I should look like, that is the ideal’.

I still ask my boyfriend of 2 years ‘are my boobs to small?’ which is terribly pathetic. I’ve often felt that I’m not good enough for him because of the way I look. But I have become much happier with myself since I became aware of the No More Page 3 campaign.

I have so much more to say about this subject but I don’t think one entry will cover it!

I feel empowered by the NMP3 campaign and each time I see a tweet saying that you’ve gained followers and supporters, I feel optimistic and proud of what you’ve achieved. Thank you :)