I am 13 and a strong supporter of the No More Page 3 campaign. The issue is very important to me, and last month, i organised what i advertised as a protest, although it was not really because only four people turned up. Anyway, we stood outside tesco handing out flyers and badges, and holding signs. Overall it was a really good experience but there were a few incidents that i wanted to tell you about. Firstly an old man came up to me and asked me why i was doing this. I told him straight, that it shouldn’t be in a newspaper and women are not sex objects, but he kept going on a bout how is was ‘good and natural’ and ‘titillation for the soul’ (these are actually phrases he used). Eventually after about ten minutes of interupting me, not listening to my points and insisting it was normal, my mum intervened and asked him to go. However he did offer both me and my mum a postcard with his business details on the back, the cartoony sort of women at the beach with a sexist remark, and we both declined in disgust. The other incident is for a period of time we were outside tesco, there was a group of boys, who i recognised from the year above me hanging around. When they worked out what we were protesting about, one of them went into tesco, bought a copy of the sun, and walked up and down past us, clearly displaying page 3 to make us uncomfortable. This made me feel sick and angry, as i could not think of anything to say or do about it. I was forced to witness the very thing i was protesting about. I am fed up of this attitude, that women and girls are only seen for their sexual side, and not as thinking, individual human beings. It’s something i see everyday at school, the boys who will only go out with girls if they look good and are ‘not frigid’. And i see what it does to the girls, wearing heaps of make up, never standing up to the boys. I have been called frigid, whilst being in a relationship, for saying “I don’t want to tell you” or “none of your business” when people have asked me questions like “how far have you gone”. I want this to change, i want girls to feel confident being who they are, being strong-willed and i want NO MORE PAGE THREE.