As a child Page 3 was always in our house, brought in by my father. When I was probably around ten years old upwards, I was always uncomfortable around it and always had a feeling of humiliation it it was left open on page 3 near me. The boys throughout the school years would say smutty remarks involving it and even show the images to us girls in an attempt to embarrass us, which it did because I had no comeback or was told I was jealous.

But when I was fifteen years old, I was brutally raped by four men in their late teens and early twenties. When they ripped my jumper off, they pulled my arms back and showed each other I was a “real life fucking page 3 girl”.

Every single day afterwards I was submitted to seeing the image in The Sun newspaper. I felt powerless, intimidated and humiliated. I’m now 38yrs old and this pornography is STILL circulated in a ‘family’ newspaper for titilation and to the detriment of every woman out there, whatever her age. It needs to stop, it’s is unfair, dangerous and negatively influential.