I worked in a city trading room in the late 80s, early 90s. As the only female I took the harassment -in all its forms -as part of the job. I hated when they would compare me (daily) to the girl on page three: ‘Where are your tits??’ ‘Your tits look rubbish in that’ etcetc.
I think I forced myself not to mind because being accepted in a very alpha-male job was not to show weakness like objecting to harassment. Of course the harassment didn’t stop there, but the ‘enjoyment’ and discussion of page 3 was part of the routine. Not minding about being treated like an object was survival. I can’t imagine the grief I would have got about complaining about it!! Unthinkable!!
I’m making up for not minding now :) I’m teaching my daughter about feminism and equality so she doesn’t feel she has to put up with that kind of behaviour. People I talk to about it have an epiphany when they think about it, like they can’t believe they hadn’t considered how out of place it is.
Soft porn has no place in a family newspaper. It should not be accessible to everyone. It is not OK and it has to change.
NO MORE PAGE 3!!!!!!!!