When I was in the first year of secondary school some building work was being done on the school and there was a group of builders who would talk to me and my friends as we came in to school each morning. They always read the Sun, and they started showing Page 3 to us and asking what we thought. Everyone seemed to be cool about it so I pretended to be too, but I felt embarrassed and humiliated because I was a late developer and the images made me feel totally inadequate. I realise now that probably everyone else felt bad too and we were all putting on an act to impress the older men. I also realise in retrospect that it was a turn on for these men to present a sexualised image to schoolgirls and watch their reaction. One of the reasons I felt unable to complain was that the pictures were in a newspaper and therefore condoned (or so it seemed) by society. I couldn’t risk being the only one to object.