When I was 14, I got my first job, working in my small local newsagents. I was quite a shy girl and was nervous about my first proper job..it was only for 2 hours in the evenings and sunday mornings..all started well,my new boss was very nice and friendly,he was around the same age as my dad,and I thought he seemed very helpful and friendly,so I felt happy working there.
One day I came into the back of the shop on my tea break,to find my boss sitting reading The Sun, .he then turned to me and said ‘ take a look at her” holding the page 3 picture aloft to show me the picture ..’ Have you ever considered doing topless modelling? You have got a lovely pair ,I’m sure you would do very well doing glamour modelling?”…..now this is a 40 year old man saying this to a teenage girl….I was absouloutly mortified ,and felt totally humiliated…I left that afternoon and never went back..I never told my family why I left but I can still feel the embarrassment of that day nearly 25 years later….that’s why I feel so strongly about the no more page 3 campaign..it’s awful to think that nothing has changed since then and our daughters are still being affected by this sexist harmful paper.